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WE MOVED.... KIND OF Life has been very crazy busy these past five months, there is an update on the blog about all the craziness life has been. I was a mom of three for about 2 weeks and that kicked my behind. Baby boy turned two, he was sick for over two weeks and… Continue reading WE MOVED….

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Top 5 Strollers

  If are you ever planning on leaving the house with an enfant, you definitely need a stroller. Growing up women never had strollers, they wore their babies everywhere. Life in this modern world, a stroller is kind of a necessity and I was on the fence about getting a stroller. I didn’t think it… Continue reading Top 5 Strollers

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VTECH DIGITAL CREATIVE EASEL Life as a parent in a developed country is different, I didn’t grow up with a lot of toys and that does not mean that children needs to toys in order for them to grow. Growing up my siblings and I spent lots of time playing outside, hence the no toys.… Continue reading DIGITAL CREATIVE EASEL BY VTECH

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Birthday Wish List

Growing up all I got for my birthday was an egg up until I was 16 years old. I love to celebrate birthdays, seeing another year is a blessing that is denied to many.


Life Lately

How is timing going so fast? My young brother is going to Africa to do a shoe drive.


Family Time

Spring time is the best, we are loving being outside. We had our first full weekend of good weather and had some family come over.

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What is Easter

What does the easter bunny/eggs/flowers have to do with easter? What is the true meaning of easter? I grow up celebrating easter by simply going to church and learning about the resurrection of Jesus.