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WE MOVED.... KIND OF Life has been very crazy busy these past five months, there is an update on the blog about all the craziness life has been. I was a mom of three for about 2 weeks and that kicked my behind. Baby boy turned two, he was sick for over two weeks and… Continue reading WE MOVED….

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One of the most important thing you will purchase for your baby is a car seat, it definitely an investment and a good one for that matter. There are is different types of car seats, some of them are made to used to be used for short term and some the child will grow with… Continue reading TOP 5 CAR SEATS

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As a mother the hardest thing is seeing your baby in discomfort. These are some of the things that helped me get trough a cold and fever with my son.

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Top 5 Strollers

  If are you ever planning on leaving the house with an enfant, you definitely need a stroller. Growing up women never had strollers, they wore their babies everywhere. Life in this modern world, a stroller is kind of a necessity and I was on the fence about getting a stroller. I didn’t think it… Continue reading Top 5 Strollers

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H&M Haul – Toddler Edition

Falling in love with H&M. The quality is amazing and so is the quality. Use ebates and get paid to shop online.

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Mommy Moment

Needed a mommy moment today,so I took my son to daycare for the first time this year. It's very hard for me not be around. I love this little boy so much.

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Dollar Tree Finds

We have been loving theses warm days. Got some nice each toys from the dollar store, saved some money and now have to go buy my son new clothes....