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As a mother the hardest thing is seeing your baby sick, it is heart breaking. Babies, children get sick all the time, but as parent it doesn’t get easy. The first time my son got sick, we didn’t know what to do and we later found out that he was teething. He had four teeth coming out at once, hard the scariest fevers and a cold that would not go away.

Theses are some of the items that helped us get through our battle with a sick baby.

  1. Steam/ Humidifier: my mom used to do this all the time, growing up we didn’t have much access to medical care and so homeopathic techniques were the way.

2. Warm clothe: use a wash clothe, add a little bit of Vicks and essential oils. Use this to massage the whole body, coughing causes lots body aches and massages ease up some of the pain.
3. Noise spread: My sister in law introduced this to me and it is the best thing for a runny stuff noise. The one I like the most is the Hydrasense baby nasal care, all natural undiluted seawater sterile.

how to cure a cold fast4. Cough drops: I try to avoid giving my son medicine, but when he’s coughing to a point of vomiting I have to help him. Helixia props is an all-natural coughs drop, it does a descent job and most doctors don’t recommend cough drops for babies.


5. Nosefreda : Until you are a parent the idea of a noisefrida is extremely disgusting and I never though I would use it. This is the best baby product invention of the century. Babies don’t know how to blow their noise and when they are stuffed up something has to suck it out ☹.

nose fridaNoseFrida

Trust yourself new parents, you know what is best for your babies even when you think you don’t. I hope some of these tips can help you too.

What are some of your favorite things to use when dealing with a sick baby?


Thank You

xoxo Marco


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