Kale is one of my favourite vegetables and it is one of the most nutritious plant foods in the world. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen. So this is one of favorite go to recipe on a weekly basis and I cook enough to eat five to seven times. I am a new mom; I don’t have time to be cooking everyday.


What you will need
1. Kale – Cut it and wash it very well
2. Onion and garlic
3. Olive oil
4. Salt and black pepper
Sate onion and garlic until almost cooked – 3- 5 minutes on medium heat
Add kale let it cook for about 5 minutes tossing it every few minutes, add salt and pepper to taste. I like my kale to be a little crunchy so I don’t let it cook for more that 10 minutes.DSC_0145The first time I ate kale was over fifteen years ago and I HATED it….. But I had no choice because that was the only food available at home that day. I can’t stand uncooked kale, please do not offer me a kale salad ever.

After this we (my mom and sisters) learnt that we had cooked the kale wrong and that is why we didn’t like it. Once we figured it out we all fail in love with it and am I ever glad for that.


Some of the benefit of Kale
1. 26 % Magnesium
2. 134 % Vitamin C
3. 206 % Vitamin A
4. Kale can help lower cholesterol
5. Kale should be able to help you lose weight; I have personally seen results from this and will be writing a post about it soon.
These are just a few of the great health benefits and there is a very long list.

ps – there is no picture of the end result, because nap time was cut short thank you to my neighbour’s dog 😦

What is one of your favourite vegetable?


Thank you

xoxo Marco


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