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H&M Haul – Toddler Edition

I feel like my son is that weird stage were he hasn’t fully out grown his clothes, but their all don’t fit quite right and this mama is always ready for a shopping spree. I found just the right place to shop for him and I didn’t have to leave my house, that’s a big win in my book and the shipping was free. If you are going to shop online use ebates, its free and you get paid to shop how cool is that.

When I was pregnant I dint want to know our baby’s gender, but my husband did and so he did the shopping. I have been blessed enough with amazing family who have spoiled my son, this is the first time I am personally buying him clothes. My sister in law had a boy so we have been getting lots of hands me down and my siblings have been buying him clothes.

I love Carters clothing for babies and not so much for toddlers, because I feel like everyone is wearing the same thing. I wanted to find stylish clothing that would not break the bank, I find that some of the etsy shops are too expensive am I the only one who thinks so?


I have always been a big fun of H&M and their sales are amazing and so is their quality. There is no H&M store where we leave and I didn’t know they had an online store.

These t-shirts are $6 -$8 each and the quality is great. Their remind me of one of my young brother, my mom used to dress him up in shirts like these and he was the cutest boy in the neighborhood and he still is

These pick shorts are to die for and they come lots of different colors. I can’t  to dress him up and finally that the credit 🙂

Where some places you find nice affordable clothing for you kids?

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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