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Mommy Moment

Mommy Moment

To the mom who works full time, you are an incredible human and are doing a great job.

As am writing this am seating in MacDonald restaurant, trying not to beat myself up for leaving my son at a daycare. He has been to a daycare once in his entire 18 months, and the first time it was very hard for me to leave him. But he was ready to leave me, waves goodbye and went on to play with the other kids. This time around its different I dropped him of not to go to work, but to start teaching him that’s its okay if mommy and daddy are not around.

Writing this down is very hard for me, my mom died when I was very young and if anything ever happens to me I want my son to know that I love him and they are other people who can take care of him.

He used to be okay with me leaving him and recently he looses his sh*t when I leave the room. I am sure it is a phase he is going through, I guess this for me than it is for him. I want to know that he will not be crying if am not around, life is unpredictable and I want to start teaching him this. Although it is killing me to leave him, he’s only there for two hours and I asked them to call me if he is crying for more than five minutes.

This all we did yesterday, I love spending time with him. Watching him play is my favourite thing right now.

I am very blessed to be able to be home with him five days per week and hubby stays home with him when I work ( I work twice a week ). I am so used to being with him that I feel like I don’t know who I am without him. I love this little boy so much and I hope he will always know that.

I went to the dollar store before picking him up and got this for him 🙂
I am so happy he had lots of fun playing with the other kids and they said he only cried for a bit when I left.

How do you moms handle leaving your babies?

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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