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Dollar Tree Finds


The warm days are finally here and I am so happy you don’t even understand. I love wearing flip-flops and not having to dress my son in layers. This is going to be one the best summers in the books for me, I can just feel it.

I started calling my son the wild one, it suits his little personality and behavior right now. He loves being outside, chasing the birds and the dogs – which am not very crazy about, but whenever he sees a dog he gets so excited.

Dollar tree finds

There is a children beach where we leave and we have been spending lots of time there. I needed to buy some beach toys for him and a friend of mine suggested we look at the dollar store. All these toys were under $5.00 and would have easily cost three times the price, so if you are looking for some fun summer toys check your dollar store.

beach toys




I got luck and found this paw patrol bath book, now come on who doesn’t love paw patrol anything 🙂 The truth is i like paw patrol more than the wild one does, that show is just cute okay….

paw patrolbath toysbath books

We are all working on saving money, but at the same time enjoying life. Now that i have a little extra money in my pocket, I better go buy this kids clothes. He has outgrown everything, most days I don’t even bother putting clothes on him.

Hope you are having a good start to the summer.


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