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Life as a parent in a developed country is different, I didn’t grow up with a lot of toys and that does not mean that children needs to toys in order for them to grow. Growing up my siblings and I spent lots of time playing outside, hence the no toys. But things are different here, we are not able to spend every awake minute outside because of the weather and we don’t leave near family. My son needs to be preoccupied and entertained by different toys. I can’t be his only entertainment, heaven knows I need a break too

When it comes to buying toys, I prefer educational toys and that is why we love The Vtech brand. They make good quality durable toys and as a boy mom durability is key, I don’t want to spend money on a toy that will not last.


What we love about The Digital Creative Easel
• Very easy to ensemble, no tools required and I didn’t have to wait for my husband to do it for me
• Comes with four legs, one easel with a leg pen and white chalk, one activity tray
• Batteries are included which is a big bonus
• It had two sides, a chalk board and a digital board, both very easy to interchange
• Volume control
• It is for 3-6 years, but my 18months old enjoys playing with it. He liked it so much I bought another one for his cousins who are 3 and 5 years old


What we don’t like about The digital Creative Easel
• There is no erasers for the board


This makes for a great Christmas, birthday gift for the little ones in your life. I bought this from my local WalMart, it is not in a lot of stores and was surprised that Amazon doesn’t carry it. It is currently retailing for $69.99 CAD at Walmart and $79.99CAD at Toys rus.

Bonus this turns into a table and I wish is came with a little stool.

vtech toys

What are some of your favourite educational toys?

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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