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Monthly Favorite – May 2017

The month of May is normally of  my favorite month because its my birthday and one of my older sister’s month and now its even more special for me now. It’s not only my birthday, it is mother’s day month too and I feel so blessed .


This month has gone very fast, I had to work full time hours for the first time since going back to work after maternity leave. It is not easy and my heart goes out to all the full time working mamas out there. Going to work for 8 hours everyday and coming home to mommy and wife duty is not easy, I am so greatfull that I don’t work full time. Looking forward to next month and being back to 16 hours a week and not 40 hours.

So with being busy, I have had to do quick meals and this is what we have been eating for breakfast for the past 5 weeks and as long as no one is not complaining we are going keep eating the same things.

  • Quick Breakfasts
    Easy Breakfast
    cream of wheat

    quaker oatmeal
  • Warm WeatherMay favorite
  • Weather appropriate Clothes for the boy, this one is from Walmart. I like it because it is short sleeve and yet keeps him very warm when we go for our morning walksIMG_6525
  • Rain Boots – I got these ones on sale for $5.00 from Joe Fresh last summer, he is almost out growing them so it is time to start looking into another pair.
  • Beautiful FlowersHome ecor

One of the big highlight this month was seeing my young brother, we don’t leave near any family so these visits are always exciting and plus he got the beautiful flowers above.

What was the highlight for you in the month of May?

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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