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Birthday Wish List

It’s my birthday.. My golden birthday…
I know some people dont like celebrating their birthdays my husband included, am huge on celebrating birthdays because life is precious. Not everyone is blessed enough to see another year, so I look forward to each birthday.


Growing up my parents celebrated each one of our birthday with an egg….. So we were given an egg and we got to decide how the egg was cooked, I preferred mine fried.  When we moved to Canada, we started buying each other birthday gifts and celebrating it more.

So I never use to make a birthday wish list just because I wasn’t raised that way, this all changed when I met my husband – this man knows how to buy good presents and he always asks me what I want each year. Except in 2013 when I bought myself a Louis Vuitton bag without speaking to him about it, that was a very bad idea. Lets just say I have learnt my lesson and will never spend that kind of money without letting him know first.

Here is my list for this year… Canon Rebel T6i – this is the only gift am getting this year. This is my valentines day ,mothers day , anniversary, and Christmas gift…. This is something I really wanted for a long time and am so glad to finally be getting it.

t6icanon t61
The truth is all I want for my birthday everyday is to be happy and healthy above all. And having my family doing well, it’s not about the physical gifts but the gifts are nice too.

All got for my birthday so far is lots of kisses and hugs my boys, I feel very blessed.


What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

Thank you

xoxo Marco



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