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18 Months Update

My Baby is 18 months old, where has the time gone, the question every parent asks themselves. It has been the best 18 months of my life, despite the sleep deprivation, the constant cleaning up and yet the house never looks clean, the endless loads of laundry. How did my mother survive life with 7 children and no laundry machine? Needles to say I fell extremely blessed and privileged to be this little human’s mama.

  • He is 24 lbs, inches long and full of life and energy.
  • He is sleeping a little better, bedtime is between 8-9 and sleeps for 8 – 10 hours on most nights – and thank God he is in his own bed for most nights. Napping is so much better, 11 -1 is normally nap time and I am able to put him down and have a moment to myself.
  • He is a size 5/6 in shoes and 2T for clothes and I have been getting some 3T in sweaters and jackets so that he will fit them in the fall.
  • He still eats fairly well, but has had no appetite since his 18 months vaccine. Since he refuses to drink milk, we have started giving him pedicure he doesn’t like it but still drinks a little bit. This helps for when he wakes at night hungry , which has been happening lots this week.
  • Speaking of the 18 months vaccine, he did not cry. I was shocked and kind of wanted to cry on his behalf, normally HB holds him when he is getting the needle and then I get to cuddle him after. It felt like my baby didn’t need me anymore 😦 , how did he get so brave!
  • He is very independent, loves being outside more than anything and we have been loving the warm weather.
  • He into cars lately and still love to read.
  • He talks a a a a a a lot he is able to form 3-4 words sentences, which is pretty amazing.

I normally get him some type of gift every time he gets vaccinated, but  I was so busy this month and dint get him anything. So I picked him up this little truck from Walmart, he is loving cars at the moment.

My little Prince you are my sunshine forever and always.



What are some interesting things you like about your baby’s development?

Thank You

xoxo Marco




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