Life Lately

I can’t believe we are half way thought this month already. May is my favorite its my birthday month and of course mother’s day, I love getting spoiled. It has been busy around here I normally work twice per week,but am working full this month as one of my co-workers is on vacation. The truth is I like that i will have extra money this month,but I don’t like working as much anymore and I am grateful everyday for a husband who works so hard.

How was your mother’s weekend?

I had a great weekend, the weather was descent and one of my brothers came to visit and brought me the most beautiful flowers. He and my son get along so well, its amazing watching them. My husband cooked and cleaned for four days straight, I truly enjoyed doing nothing – except for now I have 400 loads of laundry to deal with.



My brother is working on this amazing charity in Zambia ( Central Africa ), he is heading there for the next three weeks and am so proud that he is doing something that he is so passionate about. Although a little nerves we left Africa when he was just a kid and things are different there. Here is a video he put together and there is more info if anyone is able to help at.

Thank You

xoxo Marco


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