Neutral Baby Nursery
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Gender Neutral Nursery

When we found we were expecting, I wanted to keep the baby’s gender a surprise and my husband was not about that surprise life. He knew our baby’s gender and I didn’t, lets just say it was very easy for him to keep this to himself. The deal was if he ever accidentally reveals the baby’s gender, then he would give me $5,000 in cash and I was serious.

Neutral Baby Nursery

When designing the baby’s nursery I followed a few guidelines

  • Most important rule, decorate the room not the crib, try to minimize what you put in the crib or around it – safety first always
  • The nursery should reflect the decor in your home
  • Don’t break the bank, the only furniture your baby really needs is a place to sleep
  • Remember that the baby will turn into a toddler 😦

Our house is small, I wanted this room to feel airy, clean and calming. Honestly the nursery was about me, I knew I would be spending hours breastfeeding, changing diapers ( millions of them literately ) and be rocking my baby to sleep.I didn’t want to paint the walls, because one am lazy – two my husband was working on completing the basement and we both love the white walls anyways.

I wanted all his furniture to be grey, and we ended up finding this IKEA dresser by accident thanks YouTube.

  • The crib : We bought the crib from  Bo Bebe, it is a Montreal based store and they charge a flat shipping rate of $50.  The crib that I originally wanted was from BabiesRus , but Bo Bebe was more affordable.

Neutral baby nursery

gender neutral nursery

  • Lamp and Accessories : The futon,the lamp, picture frame and the wall art are from Homesense.
  • The area rug : I found this one from Walmart,but later returned because boys pee everywhere and I was not about to be washing no carpet.
  • Rocking Chair : This is from IKEA and am so glad we found this one,because most rocking chairs are big and take up lots of space. And the best is the cover comes off for easy washing, yes please. I crotchet the blanket that is on the chair, one of the hobbies I picked when I was pregnant.

Marco Maternity (2 of 33)

Baby Boy Nursery Decor

What do you love about your baby’s nursery?

Thank you for reading

xoxo Marco


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