March Favorites

How is it April already, time is going by so fast. Remember to take a moment everyday and count your blessings, live in the now. This month kind of sucked, the weather was just depressing and we didn’t get to do go for walks. All three of us got sick, we are so ready for spring and non flu weather. But March will always be on of my favourite  month, March 2015 was when we found out we were expecting and March 2004 was when my family moved to Canada.

These are some of the things that helped me survive this month. As always my favourite thing in life at the moment is being this little human’s mama, he is a sweetheart at times.

This Summers High Chair

high chair

munchkin miraclecup

He simply just loved seating in there, I guess he knew food was coming overtype he sat in it. Him seating in the chair for 30 to 45 minutes has allowed me to clean the kitchen and cook some quick meals.

This Tea

lipton tea

home decor

I love coffee,but I don’t have a coffee make so making tea is quicker. This tea just has a very nice taste and it been keeping me on those gloomy days.

This Book

I Love You More, by Laura Duksta and Karen Keesler. This book has special place in my heart now, we have read him this book since he was a new born and overtime we finish reading it I always kiss him say I love You. He run to me the other day and was blabbing something and I dint understand what he was saying,so he got frustrated went to his room and brought this book and said I YA YOU…. My heart melted, he was saying I love you – I know he doesn’t know what that means but I do.

The Library

Since can’t go play at the park as much as we would like to, so the library allows him to run around and play and he loves it.

This Nail Polish

l'oreal nail polishwp-1490925019161.jpg

This colour is quick mood booster, this is L’oreal Paris Rose Ballet. I love painting my nails, my house and hair would be a mess,but guarantee you my nails will be done, I don’t know what is about me and polished nails.


What was your favourite thing in March?

Thank You

xoxo Marco




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