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Easy Toddler Approved Meals

We all love food, some of us more than others. I wish I could eat everything and never gain a pound, one can only wish right.My son is a really good eater, the boy eats like a football player somedays and I wouldn’t be happier. I am so used to him eating everything so well that on days were he has no appetite, I feel defeated.It felt like he spent most of this past weekend in his high chair eating. He ate six full meals on Saturday, I guess a 4 AM woke up time would do that to anyone.
I thought I would share some of the meals he is loving currently. These are some of my favourite things to cook for him and takes less than an hour. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen.

Chicken and Broccoli
I prefer using chicken breasts and normally buy a full chicken, use the breasts for him and make a chicken stew with the rest of the chicken.


  • Steam the chicken breast with salt,garlic powder onion and garlic with a pinch of salt and a little bit of butter for extra added flavour.
  • Steam the broccoli with a little salt and some lemon juice, the juice gives it a tangy taste and tastes very yummy. 

Potato Stew
I don’t really know what to call this dish, technically its potatoes cooked in a tomatoes stew. I remember my mom cooking this dish for us when we were little, those were the best days. This dish does not have much nutrients,but it is very filling and when feeding a toddler filling them is what matters. You can use any potatoes of your choice, I just happen to have these ones in the house.


  • Add 2tbs of vegetable oil to a small pot and add onions,garlic – once that is browned
  • Add diced tomatoes, let it cook for about 5 – 10 minutes
  • Add salt to taste and any other spices of choice, green onions, parsley
  • Add potatoes and water, let cook until tender.

Macaroni Alfredo
This is a new dish for me and it tastes so good, two steps, one pot and under 2o minutes. Yes please, that’s my kind of cooking.  This is my favourite alfredo sauce, you can get it any grocery store.
prego alfredo saucemacaroni alfredo

  • Boil the macaroni  with a pinch of salt until tender
  • Add the alfredo sauce, let cook for five minutes and thats it
  • And sometimes I add in extra cheese. You can also add steamed chicken breast, broccoli or even spinach. The greener the food,the more he loves it, cant complain about that at all.

I am blessed with an extremely good eater,who is not a good sleeper. If I were to choose between him eating well and sleeping well, I would choose him eating.

What are some of your favourite meals to make for your children?

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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