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Mommy Moment

I have lost myself since becoming a mother, it is a life changing role.
I didn’t have to worry about someone else all the time.
I didn’t have to put someone’s happiness before my own.
I didn’t have to get out of bed unless I wanted to.
I had so much time to myself and I don’t have that luxury anymore.
I used to be able to do whatever I wanted,whenever I wanted to.

My son is my first priority right now, he depends on me for everything and I love taking care of him more than anything. But I have to start taking better care of myself, because I want to stay healthy and strong for him for as long as time allows.

one big lesson on motherhood

One thing that I used to enjoy doing is working out, I could easily spend three hours at the gym.  I feel my best when I get a good workout, I stopped working out when I was about five months pregnant. I had a little scare when I was pregnant and I choose to stop working out, even though it had nothing to do with me being sick.  Four months pp is when I finally got to the gym, I worked hard for two months and I haven’t been in the gym for almost a year now.

I started working out at home and it is just not the same. I gained 50 pounds in my pregnancy and was able to loose 40 pounds and have recently gained some of the weight back 😦 . In December I started to watch what I was putting in my body and that has made a difference in the way that I feel, I haven’t lost any weight but I feel better. For me how I feel is more important than what the scale shows.

My shopping buddy

I need to learn how to get out of this lazy stage and stop making up excuses. Because if I want it bad enough I will make time for it and this is something am teaching myself and it is not easy.

You have to start somewhere and for me right now is eating right and eventually getting back in the gym,because that and shopping are my happy places. Except shopping is not cheap.

What are some of your favourite workout?


Thank you

xoxo Marco




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