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15/16 Months Baby Update

Crazy to think that  two years ago I found out I was pregnant, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago considering the extra baby weight that’s still lingering around.

I think I will keep saying this; where has the time gone, because it  feels like days are flying by so fast. I am so glad I choose to just enjoy him, enjoy this stage of my life. Because it is a blessing that I do not take for granted and not every woman gets a chance to be a mother, so on days were I feel like I cant do it I remind myself of how blessed I am.

maternity photo

My son turned 16 months on Friday; I have been a mother for 16 months… What???? Sometimes I forget that I am someone’s mom, he started calling me mommy recently and it took me by surprise because he has been calling me mama.

My baby boy talks a lot like mother like son, what can I say i talk a lot. He says more words than I can keep up with, his new favorite words are THAT and MONKEY go figure. Experts say that at 16 months your toddler should be saying seven words or more, remember every child is different and unique. It is okay if your toddler does not say as many words, we sometimes get caught up with these experts and forgetting that our babies are all so different. Do yourself and never compare your baby.
He eats very well, he is on a potatoes and chicken kick lately and still loves his fruits.
Sleeping is getting better but thanks to the vaccine, it is messing him up and I am not a happy mama right now.


I don’t know if this just in Canada, but there is a new vaccine for 15 months. Normally there was a vaccination at 4,6,12,18,24 months and they have introduced an additional one at 15 months. Poor baby had to get two needles and now he is not feeling too well, I have lots of mixed feeling when it comes to all these vaccines.  I am so glad HB was able to come with us, because holding E down while his getting pocket is not easy. He is very cuddly,since he is not feeling too well and I cant complain about that.

cuddly baby
We are doing this vaccine at 16 months because his twelve months were done late and we have to wait a minimum of two months in-between vaccines.

As per usual he gets a gift overtime he gets shots, I think we will stop doing this when he turns two. I have been wanting to buy him this for the longest, I prefer educational toys. I get excited over these toys more than he does, what has happened to me- I used to get excited over shoes and bags.

Tech digiart creative easel

What are you thoughts on vaccination? I know this topic can be very personal to some.

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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