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Don’t Blame the Daycare, It’s your child

Don’t Blame the Daycare, It’s your child, excuse me? I think my child is pretty perfect; it is the daycare environment that is causing him to misbehave. This is what most parents would think and I have been proven wrong. My nieces and nephews started misbehaving around 14-15 months and they were in daycare, we blamed their behaviours on the daycare.

My son is at an age were most toddlers are in daycare and am so thankful that we don’t have to put him in daycare, I work part time so hubby watches him when I work.

pexels-photo-298825Toddlerhood is in full swing in our home right now. His behavior has changed so much in the last few weeks and if he was in daycare, I would definitely be blaming them for it. He is not in daycare and we have gone to the playgroup three times this year.

kids toys
He started hitting me and I was shocked the first times it happened and was not sure were he had learnt that from. When he is upset or frustrated with a toy he straws it across the room. This is just a stage he is going through, I might not like it but it will be learning experience for us. Teaching him not to hit me, his father or even himself, although he kind of does it in a playful way – its still not right and I wouldn’t want him hitting other kids.

He is testing his limits, trying to climb on anything and everything. The word NO means nothing now; we don’t use the word NO anymore. Instead we talk to him calmly and explain that what he is doing is wrong and surprisingly it seems to be working, he is a good listener ☺ – for atleast.

Every child is different
On a good note, he is so happy, playful and very talkative we have full-blown conversations now and it is just the best thing ever.
My baby will be 16months in few days; he is the wildest sweet spirit. He is a people baby; he goes to everyone mainly strangers at the grocery stores.
How do you moms out there deal with toddlerhood?

Thank you

xoxo Marco


photo credit- pexel


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