February Recap

Time flies when you are having fun, they said…. Time is going so fast, I feel like we wake up and then we go back to bed. I don’t know what we do with our days/time, I am learning to enjoy the little moments more and not focusing too much on a to do list just go with the floor.

February to do list

  • Workout more
  • Read at least 4 books
  • Clean up the nursery
  • Eat clean/better

I normally don’t watch movies,but I have myself watching lots  of movies  lately. I guess when you stuck  under  a sleeping  toddler, you watch  movies… I watched three movies this month,good movies ( Beaches, Hidden Figures and Passenger ), these are feel good movies. I got to read a few books by one of my favourite author Beth Harbison – I forced myself to read atleast an hour before bed and this helps me to relax before bed.

The struggle with sleeping in our home continues, so on February 1st I was ready to start some type of sleep training. Somehow E decided that he will start sleeping like an angel, he slept through the night from February 1st – 10th. Lets just say I was in cloud seven and I had so much energy and got so much done, from cleaning to laundry to working out. I felt like super woman,it is amazing what sleep can do to a human being.

While that amazing sleep didn’t last long, somehow we have gone back to struggling with sleep again. I don’t know what is going and to be quite honest I give up, I think that he will sleep well when he’s ready and I believe that the only sleep trying that will work is the CIO and I don’t think I can do that. So for now I will suffer and complain and that is just the way it is. For now I will drink all the coffee I can my hands on and thank heavens for Tim Hortons roll up-yeah to free coffee 🙂

The weather was crazy, we had freezing rain and snow storms and now its warm and nice again. We spent some time at the park and went on afternoon walks, so happy for these warm days.

We enjoyed getting out of the house, went to the library and playgroup. I want him to mingle with other kids, whenever we are out and he hears other kids he  gets so excited and wants to go play with them. So we went to a playgroup and he ended up getting sick.  He hasn’t been sick in almost four months, I guess it is bound to happen when he gets to be around other kids.

I  finally got to enjoy my valentines day wine a week later, and of course I had to share my chocolate with the little man.

This month has been interesting and it is the most I have slept in 15 months.

I hope you all had a wonderful month.

How was your February?

Thank you

xoxox Marco


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