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One Big Motherhood Lesson

Motherhood is a blessing that I do not take for granted, I thank God everyday  for trusting me enough to give me a role of a mother. I love being a mother more than anything in the world and with that being said, motherhood can be extremely difficult at times.


The past few days have been rough for me, sleep deprivation is no joke. My son has been sleeping fairly well, but the last few nights he has been working up at 3 AM and not going back to sleep until 6 AM. I am exhausted and to add on HB is away for work,so no break for me.

On valentines day I found a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine that HB had left for me. And I had this grand idea, have baby in bed by 8:30 and I would stuff my face with chocolate and enjoy my wine. Little did I he had his own plans,he refused to sleep and there was no was I was going t enjoy myself now. He finally slept at 11PM and woke at 3AM and played up till 6….


I have learnt to laugh,just laugh it will amaze you. When I feel like i am going to breakdown, my son always does something funny. Don’t  take yourself to serious,because motherhood is messy and beautiful.



Last night he got up as usual, I don’t like bringing him to our bed. So I normally put a blanket on the floor in his room and lay with him,this is how he goes back to sleep. Dear child of mine you don’t need to have your hand in my shirt for you to fall to sleep,you are not breastfeeding anymore. And please stop blowing air on my neck in the middle of the night when you are supposed to be sleeping. And stop trying to walk out of the room its pitch black.

I would have been cranky,but lately I choose to just laugh at these moments. Very soon he will not need me the way he does right now and I will miss nights like these.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, just remember you are not alone and you are doing the best you can,just hang in there you got this mama.

How do you deal with a non sleeping baby?

We have tried sleep training and it was just a terrible experience.

Thank you

xoxo Marco



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