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While I am holding you

While I am holding you my boy, my heart is so full and happy. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama, you give life a whole new meaning and I can’t be thankful enough for you.

Moments like these make this motherhood deal a little bearable,it’s a hard deal at times and you make so worth it. These are moments I never want to forget, you sleeping right here and holding my hand.


I enjoy watching award shows,mainly for the fashion and make up…. The last time I washed any award show was two years ago. Because it’s normally bedtime when the shows come on and I try to make sure we follow the bedtime routine. But this year I said forget bedtime, we will sleep whenever we want to and are just going to enjoy the show.

We watched about 2 hours of the Grammys on Sunday. We danced to our favorite songs, Shape of you by Ed Sheeran is on repeat and so much fun to dance to. Beyonce’s performance was very interesting and Bruno Mars killed it,he is such an incredible performer.

As am getting a little more hang of motherhood, I am starting to learn to let go. Things will not always go my way…. Never mind,things will never go my way ever again 😵 and that’s okay with me.

E doesn’t fall asleep easily and he did on Sunday…. I didn’t even know he had fallen asleep, he was laying on me on the cough and I was rocking him to a song. He does not fall asleep on me like that anymore, he only sleeps on his father’s chest. As I look his face, my heart bursted with love. So much love that I never knew was ever possible, baby boy I love you more than I can ever explain you were meant to be mine.

Forever my baby. I love these moments, they will not last forever and soon he will outgrow my arms.

What are some of your favourite moments with your children?

Happy Vanlentines

Thank you

xoxo Marco


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