January Recap

One month down and eleven more to go, if January was an indication of how the year 2017 is going to be then this year will be amazing. It was just good and happy month.

I am not one to make new years resolutions, so instead I do monthly goals. The goal for  January was to clean up the house and purge my closet. Cleaning the house happened, purging my closet did not.

Some of the highlights for this month

  • E started walking
  • My sister visiting
  • Having hubby home for most of January.

Two weeks ago E started walking, he just got up and that was it. At exactly 14 months, he is a late walker and that is fine by me.

We don’t leave near any family so whenever someone comes to visit they stay for at least a week, which is always so good. We were lucky to have one of my sister visiting with us for almost two weeks, E was very happy to have another mommy in the house. He somehow started calling her barbie, don’t ask me we don’t know were that came from it was the cutest thing.

When we get together we like to shop,eat and watch Nigerian movies. Saying bye to auntie was hard, hopefully we can go visit soon.We took a little road trip to Toronto, we had to drive my sister to the airport which is 2 hours away.


E sleeping is out of control, we definitely need to figure out a sleep training. I am open for all suggestions – HELP. We had to go to the emergency with E and thank God it turned out to be nothing, he had a really bad stomach.

The other goal was to change the lights all around the house. We got new light fixtures and changed all the bulbs to LED light, . We spent  a lot of time at Lowe’s and Home depot looking for the right lights. I think E has had enough of these two store, I on the hand has become a big fan these stores who knew. It is amazing how time changes people I used to hate going into any home improvement stores, I guess am growing up 😦

Lowes canada

HB did all the finishing touches in the basement, got doors installed, closet finished up and I am still amazed that he finished the basement all by himself.

We had to say buy to this swing, it is one of the best gift we have received. We had to put away, because E started climbing in and try to stand. The living room looks very empty without, I also really liked this because of the neutral color.

fisher price swing
fisher price swing

We also had to say goodbye to the jumper because someone has turned into a real monkey and wanting to climb and stand on everything.



We enjoyed a few walks and even braced the cold and  played at the park. E was very upset when we had to leave the park, warm weather please hurry our way so we can spend our days outside.

January was good to us, the weather was so good. February we are ready for you.

I hope your January was amazing.
What was the highlight of this month for you?


Thank you for reading

xoxo Marco


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