Dont Rush Milestones

Don’t rush the milestones

People used to say,enjoy it- it goes by so quickly. Children grow very fast, enjoy those little moments and stop wishing for whens. I wanted to rush it and couldn’t wait for my baby to start seating and crawling and just growing. When he turned 3 months it hit me hard, did not enjoy the newborn stage and I missed that. I told myself to slow down and take it all it because it goes by fast.

So this why I don’t rush him and he is a very easy going baby. He takes time learning and I couldn’t be more happy.

Enjoy having them little,being able to hold them.

He recently started saying lots of words, hearing him talk is the most amazing sound and it makes me so happy. His first word was dada,I didn’t rush him when it came to him calling me,because once they start saying mama or mommy they never seem to shut up – it becomes their favourite word. Am grateful that he is perfect healthy and I wouldn’t want anything more, but that is just a real mom truth.


He’s not walking yet,and that fine. He will walk when he is ready that is something i have learnt from him, he is very careful and takes time learning new skills.Am enjoying watch him craw,because he will not craw again once he starts walking. I try not to push him at this stage,he will walk when he wants to. He wants to walk so bad,he holds my finger very tight and walks ever so slowly. Never let go baby, you will never be too old to hold my hand.

I love my son,more than anything in the world. He forever will be my baby,so please slow down my love.
Every child is different,they grow and learn at different speed. Don’t ever compare your child to another.

Thank you
xoxo Marco


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