12 Months Baby Update

I don’t know where the last twelve months have gone, it feels like I blinked and the year was over. It has been an incredible 12 months, full of laughter and sloppy kisses and lots learning for all of us.

baby at 12 months
baby at 12 months

He is turning 14 months tomorrow and I wanted to wait on the update until he got his check ups. He is 28 pounds and 31 1/4 inches long he is 3 times his birth weight. Which is really good because it didn’t look like he was gaining any weight.

He is not walking completely yet, but takes 4-6 steps at a time and will randomly walk from one end of the room to the other. He loves food bread and bananas are his new favourite things to eat. Sleeping is still a struggle and truth is am so used to it now, i don’t know what sleeping is any more 😦



As per usual every time he gets shot, mama has to get him a gift its the right thing to do… Right Mamas !!! I got him the  Vtech sports Center it looks like lots of fun and he loves kicking balls so its a win win.


He stopped breastfeeding on November 30th, he is not drinking any milk at all and our doctor said thats okay as long as he is eating well- which he is. He talks nonstop,  its the cutest thing ever. Says dada,mama,thank you,go,why and loves saying his name.

Going up and downstairs is he’s lots of fun apparently, he is very careful though.

costco onsies


My baby is now a toddler….. He such a good boy and so blessed to be his mama.

Thank you

xoxo Marco


2 thoughts on “12 Months Baby Update”

  1. Awwww so cute. we have alot of catching up to do dear. Can you send me a whatsapp. My phone was wiped out so I dont have people’s numbers.


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