Two Tricks to Date Night with a Toddler

`I hope the new has started on the right path for you. What are some of the changes you want to make this year? One of mine is getting out more and just doing more of everything I enjoy. I am feeling very pumped that we got out within the first week of the year.. Yeah!

Hubby and I have gone on a total of two dates  in the past 14 months. Of course we do need some grown up time but I don’t feel right getting a babysitter, we were not raised like that.Unless we are around people (our family) can take care of E, so I am finding ways to enjoy time as a family and not just as a couple.

These two tricks to date night with a toddler without not technology or toys.

  1. Cook them something different and tasty
  2. Pack lots of snacks,fruits and water

We went on  a date as a family this week and let’s just say three is more fun, E loved being out seeing different people. He enjoys food and I wanted him to eat while we where eating,but didn’t want him eating restaurant food. I packed him food and the trick was to give him food that was a little bit different than what he normally eats, so he will think we are all eating the same food. Also let them eat out from the restaurant plate,just make sure they don’t break it….And of course our munchkin miracle cup and snack catcher come with us everywhere.



He somehow ended up sitting on the table and waned some of dada’s food.


He had homemade chicken stripes and carrots. And packed lots of snacks and fruits,this kept him busy.Another trick I have found is dressing him in clothing that don’t easily stain, this way if we have any accidents it will not be too hard to clean.

The restaurant has some of the best California rolls, we definitely will be coming back. There goes my other news years resolution of clean eating  😦 , the struggle is real.

2 tricks to date night with a toddlercalifornia rolls

What are some of the fun ways to enjoying time with a toddler?

xoxo Marco


2 thoughts on “Two Tricks to Date Night with a Toddler”

  1. I have never hired a “babysitter” we let family watch our son as well. We do family things and couple things. When his grandparents want them for the weekend that when we get our date night. My favorite activity I’ve done with our son is indoor camping. I set up a t fort with chairs and blankets and we made s’mores.

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  2. We don’t leave near family,so we take advantage whenever someone comes for a stay over. Indoor camping sounds like lots of fun, I will defiantly be doing that once my son is a little older.


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