We finally got to be just the three of us for the first time. We welcomed our son in November 2015, we had visitors from the day we got home from the hospital until the first week of January 2016. My young brother stayed for two weeks, my step mom stayed for two weeks and my sister in-law stayed for 6 weeks. It was bittersweet but we needed to just be alone at last.
I got cleared to work out again by my doctor, I actually missed working out. Baby wearing became my best friend moby wrap saved my life.



February and March

Hubby took two months from work and worked his behind off and finished working our basement, that’s the play room/gym. Stubbornly all by himself, and lets just say I am a very proud wife. Hubby went to Calgary for two weeks, I got to be a single mom and it sucked. If you are single parent, you are my hero.

April and May

I started getting a hang of motherhood and was finally comfortable to leave the house with the baby by myself. We tried sleep training and it was the worst thing ever .Baby got on his flight he loved it.


I was a little scared because I was travelling with him for the first time and by alone. May is my birthday month and I got to spend it with my whole family. Baby brother graduated from high school, which was a big deal. The rest of my siblings got to meet my son and I almost melt. I stayed with my parents for two weeks, E and I got to go on a lots of works the weather was just beautiful.


June and July

We spent 6 weeks in Calgary, E got to meet his cousins and watching them play and love on him made my life complete. Even though they thought he was a toy and would fight over him, they are 3 and 2 I guess it makes sense. We took family walks every morning, unless it rained or it was too cold. My sisters and I got to celebrate our birthdays together, something we used to do before I moved across the country. My sister in law and I got to do lots of shopping, got to love her for that ☺. I got to visit with old friends; it was the best of time.


August, September and October

It was so good to reunite with HB, we had fun and we missed him a lot. We celebrate our 4th year of marriage in august by doing nothing, its amazing how much has changed in 4 years. E started crawling after months of army crawling, he started pulling up to stand. Watching him grow is the greatest gift, he is full of curiosity and I can’t help but be thankful that he is mine. One of my young brother got into culinary school and am so proud of him. We celebrated hubby’s birthday in October, we went on a family date and had the best sushi ever and I don’t even like sushi.

We took a lot of walks, I love fall and the weather was just perfect. I love this stroller.



This Miracle 360 cup  by Munchkin goes everywhere with him, this cup is amazing.





This favorite month of the year, my original due date was the 17th which is my mom’s birthday and my dad’s birthday is the 19th.
We went o Calgary and spent 3 weeks there, we wanted to have him surrounded by all the people that love for his birthday. We had a little party for him and he enjoyed his first cake and made a lot of mess for mama to clean. Watching your child being loved on by others is pretty amazing to see.



Our flight back from Calgary, was postponed and then it got delayed. So we didn’t get home till 4 AM. This boy did so good,despite his tiredness.

I went back to work which was an interesting adjustment, its only part time so it not so bad. It gives me something else to do and little break from mom duties. We ended the month with weaning E off breastfeeding, it was hard on me than it was on him. My brother came to visit at the end of November and it was perfect timing.


Everything was surrounded by the Christmas count down. We got to decorate the tree, visit Santa, and watch lots of snow falls.


Winter Wonderland Backyard

One of my favorite thing about December is all the different colored coffee cups from my favorite coffee place.

Hubby found me a new wine and he calls it my addiction. He sure  knows my love for sweet wine, moscato is always a good idea 🙂 .

Menage a Trois – Moscato

I found my new favourite coffee, it smells so good in the morning.

Maxwell House

2016 has been so good to us and I am so thankful for my family, their health and safety. I feel extremely blessed, Father in Heaven – thank you. The holidays are very hard for some people,especially when you have lost a loved one. Just remember that they are watching down on you.

Of course this year had its ups and downs, we had lots of learning to do when it it came to be parents. I choose to focus on the good, the more you count your blessings the more you get blessed that is how I look at life.

What was your highlight for 2016?
Dear 2016, you have been a great teacher, 2017 we are ready for you.

I hope and pray that you all had a wonderful year. Happy 2017.

Thank you For stopping By

xoxo Marco


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