Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays, I love how everyone is in happy and joyful moods. Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when you are a parent. Growing up for me, Christmas was celebrated by going to church and spending time with family and friends, there was no gifts. When my family moved to Canada almost 15 years ago, we started celebrating a little differently with gift exchanging.


Christmas time becomes so much fun, once you become a parent; children bring so much magic and meaning to it. This is not E’s first Christmas, but last year he was only 6 weeks  old and this year he is more aware and curious about all the lights and decorations. We took him to see the Christmas lights that get set up at our local park every year. It was beautiful and cold out, he does not like the cold very much and I don’t blame him.



Christmas decorations make me so happy, they bring out the little girl in me. I love decorating the tree and the house,but the truth is I am lazy and too poor to buy all the nice house decorations in Homesene.


So a I settle for  the dollar store finds, they have the nicest ornaments. I put them in big glass jars and use them as decorations around my house.

christmas ornaments



This wreath is from dollar store


He got to help me decorate the tree; the ornaments and all the Christmas lights amazed him. He didn’t attack the tree as bad as I thought he would, he tried touching it every now and then. Only one ornament was broken, so that was very good.



This time of the year really makes me reflect on the year and how blessed I am to be happy, healthy and alive. Watching my son open his gifts was so good to see; of course he liked the wrapping paper more than the presents. And Christmas is not about what is under the tree, but the reason why we celebrate. It is about Christ, his life and all that he has done for us.


The gifts he got are technically his birthday. He received a lot of gift cards for his birthday and I finally got to buy those gifts for him. Hubby and I normaly dont exchange gifts,but we did this year. He got me workout equipments, I guess he is trying to tell me something  😦



I feel like we need to start a christmas tradition, we did the open one gift (pyjamas) on christmas eve. This fisher price beat bo was probably our favourite gift, I was more excited for it than he was.


What are some of your Christmas traditions?

I hope you all had a wonderful, joyful Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by

Xoxo Marco


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