November Recap

One of my favorite months is November, followed by May, which is my birthday month. I love November because it is my dad and mom’s birthday and now it is the month I became a mother.

My baby is a year old, he is our everything.

We had a very busy month, we went on our first family trip t Alberta. E did so well on the flight, it was his fourth flight and I wouldn’t be more proud of that. He is such a good little travelling buddy, he slept for 3hours on the flight.


We went to Alberta to celebrate E’s first birthday, we wanted him to be surrounded by family and it is easy for us to fly there. Birthday post will be coming soon, it was a fun day.

It was amazing to see all my family, and friends again. One of my favorite is watching my little brothers play with E, melts my little mama heart every time. My little brothers are my babies, even though they all look very big compared to me.



E got to spend time with his cousins and watching them play together is like the most amazing thing to witness. The way they interact and you can just see him learning from them. His two cousins ( 3.5 and 2years old), they were so sweet and careful with him and he was so aggressive toward them. I don’t know if he thought that how he should play with them, anyways it was very interesting to watch him them.





We spent two weeks and a half in Calgary, coming back and getting into our routines. I went back to work and that has been interesting, thankful that I don’t have to take E to daycare.

We also are working on weaning baby from breastfeeding, wish us luck. We need to go get our Christmas tree.

December we are so ready for you.


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