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5 Ways to Save Money

We all know how expensive babies can be, especially first babies. Between having to buy carseats, strollers, cribs, changing tables, diaper and so much more. There are some ways to save money when buying baby clothes.
I was luck because my sister in law just had a baby boy the year before, so we had a lot of nice hand me downs and I didn’t have to buy a lot of clothes until now. This is the first time I am actually buying clothes for him, and not just a piece here and there.
This is how I have saved money-buying clothes for my baby.

  1. Buying at the end of the season
    Buying winter clothes in March and April, because the stores have them on sale. And off course you buy the appropriate size, I bought him some winter that normally cost $20-$30 for $5.
  1. Buying with coupons/discount codes
    There is always a sale somewhere and I find that buying on line is a little cheaper; there is lots of coupons. Using ebates is a great way to save money as well.
  1. Buying essentials
    There are a lot of cute clothes, especially for girls-girls do have more fun…. Buy clothes that are comfortable and that your baby will wear everyday. Buy practical clothes, he doesn’t need 10pairs of jeans and 50 shirts.


  1. Buying in numbers
    What I mean is, how many piece of different clothes does your baby need. I found that once got to 8 months mark, he didn’t need to change his clothes as much per day.
  • 10 – 15 long sleeve undershirts, these are some of my favourite from Carters.


  • 10 – 20 short sleeves, we use these a lot especially in the winter and you can buy them in packs.

baby boy


  • 5 pairs of comfortable pants and 5 nice dress pants/jeans
  • 10 shirts and t-shirts
  • 4-6 pijamas

And some random pieces here and there, this keeps us organized, which reduces stress and makes this mama bear very happy.

  1. Buying investment pieces
    A nice winter jacket, a warm hoodie and sweaters. I found this jacket at at Zara for $35 and it normally goes for $70. I got in a size 2T,so he will wear it this winter and next winter.Zara-baby jacket
    These are some clothes that I had to spend a little bit on, which is okay. Because he will get a lot of wear out of them.

We are constantly going to be buying clothes, because these little humans grow so fast.

How do you save money, when shopping for your children?



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