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Baby update & Thanksgiving recap

In less than a moth my baby will be a toddler, I am always going to call him my baby forever. October 10, 2016- our first thanksgiving as a family and our baby turned 11months old today. H e is full of energy lately and wants to start walking, mama is not ready for that.

We have been enjoying going for walks,he is amazed at the trees and leaves.


He has outgrown most of his clothing, so mama needs to get shopping soon. He loves his food mainly greens ( broccoli, chickpeas,green beans,avocado), as long the food is green he will it. He had turkey for the first time and he loved it, I think he over ate the turkey ☹.

We have kind of started potty  training; I will talk more about this in another post. Our sleeping routine is still very unpredictable, so we are hoping that once we stop breastfeeding it will get better. He now says bravo and I think he has started saying his name too and has yet to say mama again.

We had an amazing dinner, this is the only picture of the food i took. We kind of attacked the turkey the minute it was set on the table. We had some friends come over,which was nice.

gren salad

baby's first thanksgiving

I am thankful for many things and one of them is being Canada, we are truly blessed to live in the most peaceful country in the world. Our children will never know fear of violence that other children in the world have to live with everyday. When I put him to bed at night I don’t have to worry about his safety and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

We need to have a thankful heart everyday; there are people who have it way worse than you do. Always count your blessings no matter how big or small they are, there is someone out there wishing they could have what you have.

One thing that really helps me when I’m feeling down is; I make a list of all the things that am thankful for and normally by the time am listing #5, I start to smile and remind myself of how blessed I am.


Next time you are feeling down, which is normal we are humans and we are not always happy/thankful everyday. Just remind yourself of how the people/things in your life that makes you happy.

What are some of the thing you do that make you happy?

Xoxo Marco


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