Baby- 10 months update

father&son10months updateBetter late than never, this baby of mine will be 11 months in 10 days. Where has the time gone, I blinked and the month was over.This has been the most growth so far, he is finally on all fours, crawling and getting into everything. The new thing is getting into the kitchen cabinet.He is standing and walking on furniture, the wall- pretty much anything he can hold on to stand.

Redecorating my coffee table is another enjoyed activity of his.

coffee table
coffe  table destroyed

He still loves books, but more like eating them and not looking through like he used to.

At 10 months he finally said mama twice, and he has not said it again. He started saying dada, tata and papa at 6months.He loves his daddy, he gets so happy when HB gets home. It warms my heart in all the right ways.

We love dada

His favorite food at the moment is broccoli and chicken or rice. There has been days where all he ate was chicken and broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes you just have to let them be. As long he is eating, I will let him eat that.

Love this munchkin plate

We introduced whole milk so that he will get used to it before the end of breast milk. He doesn’t like the milk at all 😦 . I am open for any tips you may have on this.
Sleep is getting better, 3-4hour stretches, thank god for the cooler temperatures.


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