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What no one tells you about postpartum

Giving birth is one of the most miraculous events we will ever witness. It is hard and it’s a very big deal, you just brought life into the world. I am grateful and amazed of what a woman’s body is capable of.
Here is to over sharing some after baby side effects 😦 . This is a little TMI, it is not for everyone.

  1. The stomach

I had to have surgery after giving birth, so I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed for two days. When I finally saw myself in the mirror, I was freaked out. My first thought was what the hell is that, is there another baby in my stomach! I knew  my stomach was not going to go down in two days,but looking 10 months pregnant was not expected.

  1. The Stretch marks

Do yourself a favor and save your money, if your skin is prone to stretch marks nothing can stop them. My stretch marks looked like big surgecal scares. I used coconut oil to help with the itching, both before and after baby.

  1. The color of your body

Depending on your skin torn, I was about four shades of various black/brown. By the end of my pregnancy, my stomach had stretched so much it went from being brown to yellow and then black after birth. It was more velvety black with gold stripes it was freaky looking, am so glad it didn’t last for long.

  1. The shape of your body

You will eventually loose most of the baby weight – I have about 10pounds to loose, but I did not know that the shape of my body would change . I am loosing weight in the wrong places, my curves seems to be disappearing and I don’t how i feel about that.

  1. Sneezing and coughing

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, sneezing caused pain in places I didn’t know existed.

  1. Loosing hair

I knew about postpartum hair loss, I just didn’t know that balding was part of it. Am balding, as in I have bald spots all over my head.

  1. You might have hot flashes

The hormones level changes that happen after birth are crazy. I lived in sleeveless shirts and shorts in the middle of winter. It is worse when breastfeeding, I felt like a fat sweaty man. I drank about 200 oz of water per day for the first 3 weeks nothing seemed to cool me down.

  1. So long shame

Prior to having giving birth, I would never undress in front of anyone not even my sisters.  On my delivery day any shame/modesty  I had was thrown out the window.There were at least 10 nurses and 4 doctors in my delivery room after I had given birth (story for another day). I laid on the deliver bed, legs up and all I could think of was, these people can see my soul.

  1. Going #2

This goes along with #8, no more shame . You might not want to keep reading this one. Pooping after giving birth is the most horrifying thing ever and you thought giving birth was scary. Make sure to pack your new best friend stool softener in the hospital bag.

This doesn’t make motherhood seem all that great, but these are some of the truths… You probably be too busy to be thinking of these things. And not everyone goes through the same things. Don’t be scared, you might be the lucky one who gets off easy.

What are some of your postpartum stories?

Xoxo Marco



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