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Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall


The fall season is bittersweet,its stuck between between summer and winter.Summer is the most popular season among the four and it is by far my favorite season.
I am one of those people who dreads the end of sumemer,I just dont like the fall season. One thing I have motherhood has taught me is leaving in the moment. Enjoying,loving everyday,and learning to see beauty in everything,so instead of listing all the things I don’t enjoy about fall, I will list the a few things am looking forward to.

  • The leaves changing colors- its looks beautiful out here
  • This has been the hottest summer ever, we haven’t been able to enjoy going outside. So now we get to go for walks, and just be outside



  • My son seems to sleep a little better with the cooler weather; he doesn’t like the heat at all. Thank you God
  • My new favorite is spending our evenings in front of the fire place.

What are your fall favorite things to do?

Xoxo Marco


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