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Baby Safety

We spent the weekend fixing things around the house, because E is on the move. He is not walking yet and still army crawling,but has gotten real fast.And now can climb up the stairs, so I had to stop procrastinating and get a baby gate. I didnt  want my living room to look like a daycare, thank god for basement space.
I wanted to find a baby gate,that didn’t look like a toy and was inexpensive. I came across this gate by Brica at toyrus and it was under $50. There is also an identical gate by the brand munchkin for $99. Little did I know that  Brica is made by munchkin. This is a win for me and my munchkin obsession, plus it kind of matches our hardwood floors.The best part is these gates require no drilling and very easy to install.

Brica Auto Close Designer Gate
Brica By Munchkin
Munchkin baby gate
Munchkin Auto Close Designer Gate

I am learning very quickly,that my baby is growing and I need to accept that. Imagine my fear as I walk into his room at 3am and find him trying to climb out of his crib. He recently started pulling up and standing, I thought we had more time. I mean,how and when did this happen? Needless to say the crib is lowered now. When do we have to turn the crib into a toddler bed, am not ready for all this growing up.

Baby E

September is baby safety month. What are some of the things you do to keep your munchkin safe in your home?

P.S This mama needed some relaxation, and some good wine. So I came across this wine, if you like sweet wine this one is for you.

Bodacious smooth red

Days go by so fast lately, hope you all had a great labor day weekend.

Xoxo Marco



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