What No one tells you about car seats

Is there such a thing as the “perfect” car seat. I wish there were only three types of car seats,it would make my life easy. The search for the right car seat is overwhelming,unless you go by peoples recommendations. There are so many options available and this is one of the reasons, I have yet to up grade Edem’s car seat.

I see a shoeless baby

We are currently using a Maxi-Cosi infant seat. I love it because it is very compact and lightweight, until you put a 20 pounds baby in it. To be honest, I am not ready to give up the conveniences; this seat goes right on our stroller. Grocery shopping is so much easier when I can just put the car seat in the shopping cart. I don’t have to deal with putting him directly in the cart. He is at the stage where he wants everything in his mouth and this prevents him from licking the Wal-Mart carts. I know there are covers for that, but it is a moneymaking technique to get all the first time mamas.


You know you are a parent when talking to strangers about baby stuff comes easy. Was at Lowes and saw a parent with a Britax car seat, I asked him about it and he explained how amazing it was. And one of my friends owns a Britax and she loves it. I couldn’t decide between the Britax Boulevard Click and the Chicco Nextfit Zip Air seats.

HB was away for work and he found the perfect seat for the right price. The decision has been made and little man has approved his new seat.


Growing up in Congo, I dont remember ever seeing a car seat. Does this mean our parents had it easier? I dont think so. As my dad tells me lately, you have no ideal what it was like to raise a child in Africa 20 years.

I am for sure counting all my blessings everyday.





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