Baby Boy at Nine Months

Where has the time gone! I can’t believe my baby is nine months today. It feels like time is flying by so fast and he is changing everyday. I want him to stay little a while longer. He has a personality now, it’s so interesting to watch him learn and discover new things. He has outgrown his car seat-we probably should buy him a new one.


Peek-a-boo is his new favorite game to play with his dad. Waving byebye and giving high fives, make him giggle so hard.He prefers playing with book to toys- which is what I really wanted him to do, so am feeling pretty good about that.

He thinks he is all grown
His favorite book

He is crawling (army crawling only), getting really fast though. I think we need to start child proofing our home, he hasn’t started getting into things yet- so am happy with that for now.

He has 3 teeth and the fourth one is on its way.

We still don’t sleep well at night. Bedtime is 8-9 and then wakes up every two – three hours to hang out with mommy for about 15 -30 minutes.We kind of have a nap schedule now, thank you God. Naps are any where between 20minutes – 3hours in the morning and 20minutes – 1.5hours in the afternoon.

He says dada, nana and mama are the new vocabulary.He loves food, which we are very happy with. Jollof rice, broccoli and avocado are his favorite, although now he wants fufu.



He started having stranger danger behavior now, he used to go to everybody and now he needs a least 15minutes to get comfortable. And mama has to be within arm reach or he looses it with the ugly cry, its cute.

My sweet boy you are so loved.


Xoxo Marco




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