Parental Guilt

Parental guilt?

Am  I the only one who feels this way? I feel terrible when i take my son to the doctor’s for his neddles. I know it is for a good course but can’t stand the look on his face during his vaccine.

So what I do to make myself feel better is buy him things. I know he doesn’t really care about those things right now,but I do. Lets face it,shopping makes everyone feel better. Right?

At his two months check up, he got two needles. I cried my eyes out. I am grateful for my husband, who comes to every appointment with us. We took him to the mall and got him the baby Einstein jumper – he did not get to use the jumper till he was almost 4 months.

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper
 At his four months appointment, I did not cry. Getting him vaccine, is the best decision we have made for his health. Every parent is different and vaccination is very import to us. So of course after this we went to sears and got him a high chair. Best investment ever made, he actually loves it. At least I think he does.
Summers Bentwood Highchair

There came 6 months check up and little man did not want the nurses to touch him. So dada had to hold him, thanks HB. He got new clothes and books, technically these are needs right?

Recently he wasn’t feeling well, after taking him to the doctors – we had to keep the tradition. He got random uneccessary things, come on- atleast this kind of makes me feel a little better and not so helpless. I think we feel the most helpless when our babies are in pain/discomfort and we mothers can’t do much helping, but pray and wish for it all to go away.

I hope we stop this “tradition” soon, before this boy outsmarts us.

Time to start thinking about what to get him for his 12months shots… Just can’t help myself.





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