What no one tells you about breastfeeding.

What no one tells you about breastfeeding, is that it’s a beautiful journey and it can be difficult too. For me it was a nightmare and most people don’t  talk about. I used to hear people say breastfeeding is hard, but they never say how hard it was or what “hard” really meant.
Why don’t most women talk about? Are we ashmed or embarrassed of being judged or labeled as “bad mothers”.

Breastfeeding is “supposed” to be a natural thing. While,news flash – IT IS NOT! For some women,they are luck. Their babies just know how to lacth on  and for some (like myself), luck was not on our side. It was a hard and painful process,despite all the books had read. Nothing had prepared me for at all.

Breastfeeding was very very hard for me,while in the beginning anyways. I had a lot to learn, had a moment and wished I was in Africa where the whole community is most available to help a new mother. But am truly grateful for the health in this country.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to continue doing it, the pain was just too much. Some days,I wanted to craw under a rock and hide, when it was time to feed him. I felt like the most unworthy mother in the world. And looking back, am glad I owned those feelings – because their were true. Some days I would be feeding him and crying. But boy am I ever glad I stacked to it, it’s one of the best decision I ever made.

  • Take all the help you can get from the hospital nusrses
  • Ask questions if you are not sure, ask for help
  • Talk to your husband/bf, they need to know how you are feeling. This is very important
  • Take it one day at a time or one feeding at a time
  • This is the best for your baby
  • Remember,it does get better I promise

So if you think you cant do it, trust me you can. You will be amazed how strong you can be for your baby.It does get better and its okay to cry it out.

Knowing that in less than 3months I will not be breastfeeding makes me sad and now there is a part of me that wants to keep feeding him until he rejects it. Never thought I would feel this way. What am I talking about, I never thought I would have all these feels.

Xoxo Marco


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