Dear Tooth Fairy

We are enjoying the visit from the tooth fairy. NOT

Dear tooth fairy and the crawling monkeys, why? Why would you both show up at the same time? Little man is confused with all these “new things”.

How we are feeling today- CRABY

His first tooth is coming out, while make that two. Both top and bottom right are coming out at the same time.He is in such happy and playful mood though, while when his not feeeling craby. Which makes me very proud, because am sure his in pain and is taking it like a champ.

Sophie La Giraffe has been a very good friend, it gives him something to chew on beside mama’s fingers.


He is also learning how to craw ( while, more like not 100 %) and enjoys doing this more in his sleep. So he craws up into the corner of his crib and then wakes himself up. And starts talking to himself, putting his arms through the crib railings. It’s the most interesting thing to wake up to at 2 am, hopefully we break out of this routine soon.

Babies like to practice their new skills at night,but why though!!!

Xoxo Marco


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