What about Marco

What truly happens to a woman after child birth. I like shopping, a lot. But since having my son, I dont enjoy shopping for myself anymore. Have I stopped taking care of myself and using my son as an excuse? I have become a lululemon wonderunder, pijamas and Nike lover.When did this happen?

I took a step back and decided to stop the excuses and get myself back in check.

Our four year wedding anniversary is coming up, we have a tradition for this day. spend the day at the beach ( Sandbanks,Ontario – the sand is white and the water is clean),and then go on a hot date. I am still a wife, i have to keep up in that department too.

Nothing fits my new body properly anymore, so little man took me shopping the other day.

These dresses are  the most beautiful royal blue. Notice a trend here,  I have a new found oppsession with royal blue. Little man approves as well.





American Eagle

This is such a mom blouse, breast feeding appropriate.

Winners & American Eagle

I couldnt help myself, there is no me without him. So I had to buy him somethings too. Shopping for boys is not as fun,but how cute are these Old Navy finds.

Old Navy

Thank you Winners for good prices and exceptional finds.





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