What no one tells you about sleep

What no one tells you about sleep, once you become a parent. How do I put this, you will never sleep again – not the way you used to. Remember the days you only got 4 to 5 hours of sleep and you call in sick or don’t go to class because you didn’t get enough rest.


At least you had to go to work and take care of customers ( grown humans) or deal with a computer ( it can survive without you). Now you have to take care of a baby ( a small human whose survival depends on you), no pressure there new mom.

  • Some babies just like to sleep, my baby does not. At 8months am lucky to get a straight 3 hours of sleep.
  • What no one tells you is that, sleep will not be important anymore.
  • You will never understand how you are function/keep a small human alive with only 2hours of sleep.
  • When you do sleep for more than 4hours, it feels like you won the lottery
  • Your fantasies are mainly about sleep
  • As a parent, you become a super human — you give all you have for your children.

You will just figure it out as time goes on, does it get easy -no! But you will get used to it and some days are better than others. Even when there is someone taking care of your baby, its hard for me to sleep when my baby is awake.

You are doing the best you can new mommy and you are not alone.

p.s we tried all types of sleep training and failed……..

IMAG5999 copy

I did not read my son that book Go the f**k to sleep), a good friend with an excellent sense of humour got this book for me. It is a little educational and a good read for the tired mama bears with a sense of humor.

At the end of the day, I will do it all over again. I will sleep when am no longer here. For now I leave for my child.




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