National Reading Month

March is reading month, my son and I love to read and Dr Sues is one of our favorite. Two places to buy books for cheap.

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Mommy Moment

I have lost myself since becoming a mother, it is a life changing role. I didn't have to worry about someone else all the time. I didn't have to put someone's happiness before my own. I didn't have to get out of bed unless I wanted to. I had so much time to myself and… Continue reading Mommy Moment

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15/16 Months Baby Update

Still crazy to thing I have been a mom for 16 months. Update on baby boy's growth

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Don’t Blame the Daycare, It’s your child

It is so easy to blame the daycare/childcare environment for a child who is misbehaving and that is not always the truth.


February Recap

This has been the longest short month ever. Recap of our February


Tuna Burger Recipe

One thing I wanted to do this months taking better care of myself. I have been cutting down on heavy carbs and unnecessary fats. And I do love a good burger every now and then, so these tuna burgers are so delicious and I don't feel bad eating three of them in one day. Ingredients:… Continue reading Tuna Burger Recipe

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One Big Motherhood Lesson

One think I have learnt about motherhood is to learn to laugh and not take yourself serious.